Catherine Sullian and Opera Buffa during rehearsals in Warsaw. Photo by Wojciech Druszcz

Film adaptation of a stage play
Poland, 2014
Team Credits:

Written and directed by Catherine Sullivan
Executive Producer - Monika Derenda, Poland Studio
Curator - Joanna Zielińska
Cinematography - Jakub Kijowski
Sound - Mariusz Wysocki
Gaffer - Piotr Kryska
Sound assistant - Bartosz Nowak


Nest is a collaborative theater work created with Opera Buffa - a theater company in
Warsaw, tag heuer replica watches run by Katarzyna Wińska and consisting of actors suffering from schizophrenia. 
The actors were asked to remember and inhabit their original performances and to maneuver these performances into alternate dimensions of time and space. The hope was also to create replicas, hybrids and mutations of the scenic elements, rolex replica watches and to “nest" them with the originals. The idea of the project was to focus on the psychic orientation of the ensemble and the mutability of the scenic objects. The project has precedent in the Readymade, Appropriation, collage and bricolage.

The video performance was commissioned by Cricoteka the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of
Tadeusz Kantor and realised in collaboration with the Opera Buffa Theatre in Warsaw under the management of Katarzyna Wińska. Participants: Maciej Czerwiński, Piotr Glikson, Renata Luciak, Zofia Marczak, Jan Małkowski, Zygmunt Wiktor, Mariola Przybyłowska, Antoni Talko-Porzecki, Hanna Sokołowska, Małgorzata Sokołowska, Tadeusz Strumiłło.
Performance was filmed in Avant-Garde Institute, Edward Krasiński's Studio.